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The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season review

Posted : 2 years, 3 months ago on 18 April 2016 01:05 (A review of The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season)


I played Telltale's The Walking Dead game for the first time when the first episode came out. I was already a fan of the show and of course i needed to check this one out as well.
First, the graphics got my eye and it took me a while to get used to it. I think they're pretty and it have this own kind of unique feeling. Sure the movement and action is a bit doll-like time to time but however, they make it look good.
Secondly, there are versatile characters who are all interesting. Some of them are hateful, some reasonable, some stupid and some lovable. Especially Clementine, who need to have her own series or movie along with the game. She's so adorable and brave for her age, that you just wanna take care of her. It's interesting, but also breathtaking to see how this little girl, who yet haven't seen any bad things in her life, have to deal with this quickly chancing world around her and get used to grow part of it mentally such as physically if she's going to survive on it. But luckily, she doesn't need to do this alone.
Lee Everett, the playable character is kind and thoughtful, but also tough and sometimes maybe too direct with his actions. But he needs to be. Even against his own nature if he going to keep Clementine safe and sound and train her for the new world. Even if it means to his life.
Story is well written such as full of emotions, twists and decisions which effect partly the course of the story.
Mood is realistic, intense, scary and sometimes peaceful as well. I also liked the lighting a lot and it shows best at the second episode, Starved For Help which is my favorite episode from the season.
The game stays true to the show and comics, which i've readed bunch but yet not all. The end was sad and emotional, but it gaved interesting and long awaited start for a second season.

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The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 review

Posted : 2 years, 3 months ago on 30 March 2016 09:44 (A review of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2)


Im a huge Hunger Games fan and i've also red the books before i saw the first installment of this franchise. I loved the books and films, which are by far the best and only good young adult movies what is out there on these days. And i also think that even adults can enjoy these movies.
The story is interesting, lovable, thrilling and filled with emotions. Sure there's that familiar love triangle between younger cast, but everything else whats going on at the background mixed it in just fine.
Acting is great and dedicated. Jennifer Lawrence became one of my favorite actresses after the first movie and she has done many great performances after Hunger Games and few before it. She surely deserves her oscar. Woody Harrelson is awesome and funny like always and Elizabeth Banks did a good job as well.
It was a right choice when Francis Lawrence took the director's chair from Cary Ross after the first movie. Cary's directing was good, but hes choice to use handheld shaky cam dropped the quality of the movie. That made a good movie harder to watch.
Francis gaved rest of the parts a new kind of look and even darker as serious mood, which worked perfectly all the way to the end.
This was great conclusion for a great film saga and it was also good to see, that the filmmakers stayed most of the part true to source material, which is rare to see when books are changed to movies. There was few left outs, but nothing major for the plot.

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Castle (2009-2016) review

Posted : 2 years, 3 months ago on 29 March 2016 03:19 (A review of Castle (2009-2016))


I don't usually like cop shows or movies anymore. I was big fan of those when i was a kid. Lethal Weapons, Die Hards, almost all the known ones you can name of. But nowadays, i have lost my interest towards that genre, mostly because i think that they all resembles remotely or closely eachothers.
Only reason why i started watching Castle, was because of Nathan Fillion. Hes such a great actor and one of mine favorites. Charismatic, talented, funny and energetic.
And along the way of the series, i've starting to enjoy the police genre again.
Castle is not only crime investigations and catching the bad guys. It's also romance between main leads, which is sometimes very frustrating to watch like almost every romantic film, mixed with great humor, intense chace scenes and fast action. I also like Castle's nerdy side very much and references towards movie, shows, comics and games.
Since the first episode, i have been this wide grin on my face and got spurts of laughter when i watch an episode.
The show gets me a good mood every time i watch it and that's why i love it.

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Black Sails review

Posted : 2 years, 3 months ago on 29 March 2016 03:15 (A review of Black Sails)


First season was little bit lacky. Premise was good, characters interesting and colorful and sets gloriously beautiful but those wasn't enough to fully convince me on the show. But after second season, they did.
Right from the start i knew that it's going to be interesting journey. New characters appeared, new threats rise and the old ones either sorted out or leaved waiting for the right moment to be take up. The old bonds got broken and the new ones borned.
Toby Stephens character Captain Flint and couple of other characters, got deepent more which was good thing for the character development.
Also the fight scenes on the land and offshore was nicely performed. So as the effects.
The Score, made by one of my favorite composers Bear McCreary, was solid like always.
It's interesting and thrilling to see where the series leads us along the way. Must say what everything was, at the beginning, is going to change and im looking forward to see that. Nothing good, im sure of it.

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Once Upon a Time review

Posted : 2 years, 3 months ago on 29 March 2016 03:04 (A review of Once Upon a Time)


First of all, im a fan of the fairy tales. I loved them when i was a kid and i love them still, even when im grown up. Theres no certain age when you need to start or stop watching them, because we need those to fill our imaginations and it's great to have one.
I think im saying this behalf of everyone, that we all have thinked our own imaginary land or place, where we are the hero who saves the day from the bad guys. Thats why i love movies, games, books, cartoons and animations. They are full of those imaginary places and people and they are created by most beautiful ideas, colours and shapes what human being can do. Stories are happy, sad, angry and terrifying or all at the same time.
Once Upon A Time is a perfect series for us who loves fairy tales. I think it's genius what they have created here. All our beloved fairy tale characters living in the same town and interacting between each others. Series is also more aimed at adults, so it isn't happy ending all the time.
Storybrook, the city where this series is taking place are nice and quiet pretty little town. All actors and actresses are great on their roles and almost every characters are interesting. Mostly the main ones. I also want to mention what a great character Jared Gilmore is playing. Usually the kids on movies or TV shows are annoying little brads, whom are always in trouble or making bad decisions, but this one is very strong and wise kid. Hes one of the main reasons why this series holds and stays interesting.
Set decorations in Storybrook and fairy tale land is beautiful. Effects aren't pretty, but it's exactly what you can expect for a TV series. The budgets aren't always huge in those. Costume designings are the best and little bit realistic as well. Not too fairy tale-like.
First season is by far the best one. It was interesting and thrilling to watch when nobody didn't know who they really are and whom they belong to. Everyone believed to be completely someone else and they might be friends of their enemies. It was the point of the curse, which was casted by the evil queen and due to she transfered every fairy tale character to our land by giving them new identity and in time they didn't believed Henry, played by Jared Gilmore, who was trying to tell them the truth about themselves. Not even hes real mother at first, played by Jennifer Morrison, who's the savior in the storie.
It is also good how they keep the audience on the edge of their seat all the time by greating new problems, when the last ones are solved.
In another case, the quality of the series hasn't dropped after first season and it keeps me entertained season after season.

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Winter on Fire: Ukraine's Fight for Freedom review

Posted : 2 years, 4 months ago on 16 March 2016 08:36 (A review of Winter on Fire: Ukraine's Fight for Freedom)


Touching, eye opener and very, VERY important documentary from over 90 days of terror in Ukraine, that everyone should see.
It gave me chills, it pissed me off. It bringed tiers to my eyes and in the end, made me smile.
My thoughts and prayes goes to those 6,000 brave men, women and childs who gave their lives on this fight and didn't give up for corruption and dictatorship. May them rest in peace knowing that their deeds wasn't gone unnoticed. I'd also like to add, that the score was so beautiful and perfectly composed and it makes so much honor and glory to Ukrainians. March Of The Millions became one of my favorite medleys of all time.

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King Arthur review

Posted : 2 years, 4 months ago on 15 March 2016 11:59 (A review of King Arthur)


This is one of those films which i've grown to like after few watchthroughs. Bought it on VHS when it came out and now i own it on blu-ray.
Different and more realistic look at King Arthur's life, what im used to see. Mostly on cargoons.
Bloody and violent fight scenes are nicely choreographed. Hans Zimmer's score was awesome like always and the casting were solid. It holds many known actors which are nowadays more known to me than when this movie came out. This was the first movie where i saw Clive Owen, Ray Winstone (by the way who was bad ass in hes role), Mads Mikkelsen, Joel Edgerton and Ray Stevenson working on screen and their performances were all great.
I have always thought that this movie is way too under rated that it should be. Maybe it came out at the wrong time or because the studio wanted it to be PG-13 instead R-rated like it was planed to be, but i still love it and i think it's good mid age flick.
And also it's Jerry Bruckheimer's film so of course i like it.

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Far Cry: Primal review

Posted : 2 years, 4 months ago on 5 March 2016 09:14 (A review of Far Cry: Primal)


Far Cry: Primal was a great gaming experience and if not, the best stone age game out there. Although i can't name or know any other at the moment. It become my best Far Cry game from the franchises.
The story wasn't anything special. Pretty straightforward. Compared to third or fourth installments. There could've been little bit more than just seek the allies, take back Oros and kill the main villians while doing those.
Main campaing took me around twenty hours to complete, plus five to six from side quests, so it's moneys worth of playing. There are tons of side quests so you won't get bored at any point. Maybe too much, which what Ubisoft is known as. I got my weapon and gear upgrates done almost halfway through the game, but i don't mind it. Usually when im playing open world games, i cannot complete them without accomplishing almost all the side quests. At least the main ones, not so much of collectables. Sometimes i do those too but this time i pass two thirds of them, because of the next game on my list.
Taming the wild beasts was hooking. I collect all of them and used everyone throughout the game. Even the boss fights, while i focusing the main villain my wolf, bear, sabre tooth or even a badger is ripping henchman's throat out.
Building the village from scrap and filling it with survivors was hooking as well.
Character desing and animation was so far the best on Far Cry games. Very detailed. Gameplay was smooth and action bloody and violent. You can feel the club hits cracking the skulls and arrows and spears piercing the flesh. The graphics were phenomenal and voice acting good.
I enjoyed this a lot and had fun time playing it!

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Lindsey Stirling: Red Hat Amphitheater Show (2015) review

Posted : 2 years, 4 months ago on 27 February 2016 11:27 (A review of Lindsey Stirling: Red Hat Amphitheater Show (2015))


I have subscribed and listened Lindsey Stirling's music through YouTube almost, gosh, almost eight years for now and finally got around to watch one of her concerts.
Red Hat Amphitheater concert was part of her The Music Box tour, which was held in Denver on June 22, 2015 and it was entertaining to watch. Like always when you see people to perform with an impressive and unique gift.
It has always been exciting and happy to watch how she can combine perfectly choreographed dance moves and flawless violin play at the same time. And even on live she managed pretty well.
Her music is so beautiful, pure, inspiring and chilling to listen. It can keep your day joyful as it is or it can uplift your mood when you are feeling down. There's even few game, movie and TV show songs that she has covered very well. Those are my favorite ones from her work, but i also like her own written music very much as well.
It was also great to hear her singing for a change. Considering her music is only violin based. Her voice was very beautiful and pure. She should sing more on some of her songs in the future.
Im happy to see how she has managed to spread her music through YouTube around the world to get more publicity and can do what she loves to do for work. I deeply hope there's plenty more to come.

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Ex Machina review

Posted : 2 years, 4 months ago on 27 February 2016 08:49 (A review of Ex Machina )


Like Whiplash (2014), Ex Machina was also one of mine Top 5 movies of 2015. It's story of creating artificial intelligence is so well written and presented to the audience so it's easy to follow.
These types of movies have always been interesting to see, where new kind of race or living being appears and see what are it's morality, mind and form. To see the world through other eyes and learn something new about both of them.
Movies performances were good and sets and effects top class. Also it's good example how to direct an deput film from Alex Garland and accomplished it masterfully.

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