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Life Is Strange review

Posted : 6 years, 4 months ago on 4 February 2016 12:08 (A review of Life Is Strange)


Life Is Strange was my Best Game of 2015. The story, The tone and the characters were so great, lovable and interesting that it sucked me right into it at once and made it perfect story and perfect game to me.
I notice this on YouTube early in 2015, when Square Enix posted the first trailer in there. I watched it and it got my attention big time. And when the first episode came and i played it, i was deeply hooked.
The game is based on small ''Twin Peaks-like'' town, Arcadia Bay and tells the story of photography student Max Caulfield, who got possessed an power to rewind time. Shes shy and intelligent girl, who has this huge responsibility to solve a mystery of missing person, help her dear friend from certain death and save the whole town from deadly tornado by the end of the week. So Max has alot of things to do and time isn't her side. Even though she can rewind it.
First when i lay my eyes on the game, i loved from what it looked like. It has this watercolor/animation mixed look, which is so beautiful and warming. Every building, landscape or people aren't perfectly detailed and those things gives it this unique look, which is perfect for it.
Then the chilling and perfectly crafted soundtrack. Tracks are so carefully picked, that i listen it even these days and have my own copy of it. There are many known indie artists on it.
Throughout the music, to the mood of the game. It was so peaceful and has this real life like feeling. There was action too and when it was on, it was intense and thrilling. But there was so many chilling and beautiful moments as well. Mainly the course of the game was wandering places and studying environment, people and the history of the town. Finding clues and solve the truth about those people and things what has happend in Arcadia Bay as past years.
Finally, which i mentioned beginning of the review, the story and the characters.
There was countless characters in this game which were so interesting and important for the story. I liked almost everyone and Chloe Price, Max's best friend, became my favorite one. She was so rebel, cool and determined. Her friends meant so much for her, so she would do anything to find and protect them. Max was awesome as well. So cool and little bit hipster, although she wouldn't admit it.
The story was joyful, sad, funny and so real life like. It deals with things and problems, that people are facing everyday. I can relate many of them, which we experience along the way Max's story. There are also many memorable lines and catchphrases which have stucked in my mind. Hella you Dontnod ;D. NO EMOJI!
I haven't played any other game like Life Is Strange before and which has made so huge impact on me. I love it and hope that more is on the way, because these kinds of games can also teach so much to us. Games and movies has always been to me more than just an entertainment. They have given me many good tips and examples from life and they are the reason how i learn my semi good english language skills.

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Lazer Team review

Posted : 6 years, 4 months ago on 31 January 2016 08:52 (A review of Lazer Team)


What do you get when you combine cocky and pig-like football player, pathetic cop, cripple drunk and brainless idiot. Well a very good and funny film debut.
Lazer Team is a first movie from YouTube channel team Rooster Teeth.
Acting was pretty good, considering most of them is gamers, hosts and journalists from YouTube. But they are used to work in front of the camera and audience most of the time. There was also few professional actor/actresses as well.
Humor was great, got alot of good laughs. Practical effects were good and CGI ok. Costume design was pretty cool looking, especially those suits what the Lazer Team members was wearing.
It was also good to see some familiar YouTuber faces and few game references as well.
They leaved ending open, so im anxious to see the sequel. If they are making it though. I hope they are.
Must see movie for YouTube channel followers, like myself, and little bit gamers too, also like myself.

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Diablo review

Posted : 6 years, 4 months ago on 30 January 2016 11:57 (A review of Diablo)


Main lead is a son of an western veteran Clint Eastwood and the movie is western, so of course this needed to be checked and see how hes son is going to manage. He didn't suit for the role. He was trying to play this notorious killer with terrible past and reputation, but hes acting was more hillarious than scary when he was on the bad guy mode.
Waltor Goggins was awesome like always and views were beautiful.
Otherwise less than average western.

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Freeheld review

Posted : 6 years, 4 months ago on 30 January 2016 06:30 (A review of Freeheld)


Touching and very, VERY important movie, which everybody should watch.
Still in these days, homosexuality is a thing what divides us. It shames us. It scares us. But in the end, it's not that big of a deal. We just make it such, because we are used to live this same kind of utopia for centuries and we are afraid of different things. Sadly, that's a human nature.
But luckily, the things have changed for the better ways these past years and that proves us, that we can change.
Julianne Moore and Ellen Page are one of my favorite actresses and they did a hell of a job on their roles. They made me laugh and roll a few tears.
Michael Shannon and Steve Carrell were amazing as well. Michael is so dramatic and good actor, so these kind of roles suits him.
Let the people be, what they really are and don't worry about their lives, because they surely don't do same to you. They are busy living and enjoing life for being themselves.

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Labyrinth (1986) review

Posted : 6 years, 5 months ago on 27 January 2016 11:46 (A review of Labyrinth (1986))


Well this was the film what i choiced to watch for the honor of great David Bowie. He was talented and charming in this movie. Never imagined that he can act so well.
Such like Jennifer Connelly, who was talented as well and insanely beautiful like always.
The sets, backgrounds, practical effects and dolls were amazing. Masterful work i have to say. Very impessive and detailed. Love to see this kind of cinema, because you can see the movie makers talent and passion to their work in the screen. This is one of the reasons why i love movies.
Sound desing was also done well. Musics was catchy, performed and written by David Bowie himself.
I liked the story too. Very fairy tale-like and little bit thrilling too. Run against time to solve the labyrinth.
Good film.

Rest In Peace, David.

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Freaks of Nature review

Posted : 6 years, 5 months ago on 27 January 2016 09:03 (A review of Freaks of Nature)


I had alot of fun watching this movie. Idea to have humans, vampires and zombies living in the same city, going into the same school, doing different jobs and interact each others like normal folks was interesting and funny to watch. And if like that isn't enough, they throw aliens in the mix which brings the threat to all of them and they need to survive from them by fighting back. Or among themselves. Freaking awesome and funny idea for a movie!
Humor was great. Practical effects were high-class and CGI was ok.
Keegan-Michael Key, Denis Leary and Bob Odenkirk were hillarious on their roles.
Awesome slasher comedy!

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Tangerine review

Posted : 6 years, 5 months ago on 25 January 2016 09:29 (A review of Tangerine)


Usually we all think entertainment business, movie stars, clamour, success and town of opportunities when we see or say the word Hollywood. But this film shows us the whole other side of that magical town from where we all are dreaming.
This is a beautiful and touching story of two transgender sex workers and their unbending friendship on the streets of Hollywood. It also shows us the unembellished side for the lower rank citizens and how they're living and surviving on the streets, which feels no mercy against anybody.
All the performances were fine and convincingly acted, especially the main leads. Also adult film actress Ana Foxxx appeared one of the roles and she was talented, insanely beautiful and hot as always.
Score was interesting and camera work accurate. Pretty documentary-like, i liked very much of those shots and scenes.
This film was such an eye opener to me. It helped me to see a whole new side of transgender people and Hollywood as well and it's good to know that it isn't so magical than we thinked it was. But on the other hand, im still going to visit there someday.

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We Are Still Here review

Posted : 6 years, 5 months ago on 24 January 2016 12:32 (A review of We Are Still Here)


Average horror flick. Wasn't too scary, but the potential was good. Mood was creepy and there was few good jump scares. Beginning of the movie seemed pretty artistic but changed very quickly when the ghost started to show up.
Gore and effects was done well. For what the ghosts looked like. All the skin burned off and snow-white eyes.
Liked the sound desing as well. How the ghosts burned skin cracked and sparkes when it got touched.
House's and ghosts backstories was good but offered nothing new.


Users: hsallinen & Cuomi

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Jurassic World review

Posted : 6 years, 5 months ago on 24 January 2016 12:16 (A review of Jurassic World)


One of the last year's hottest summer movies. The plot was pretty much same as the previous ones. People created dinosaurs and after while, they got loose and eats people. But this time the park was finally open and it was a great thing to see.
Chris Pratt was the man's man. Liked how he interact with those four Raptors. It was pretty cool. It was also cool to see the end fight and how that good old T-Rex from the first movie joined the battle and showed who's still the queen of the park.
Music were chilling like always in this franchise and effects good. Was glad to see few practical effects amongst CGI as well, from where the first movie was mainly known for.
Main leads relationship wasn't too cheesy and the kids managed pretty well.


Users: hsallinen & Cuomi

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The Green Inferno review

Posted : 6 years, 5 months ago on 23 January 2016 11:27 (A review of The Green Inferno)


Torture gore porn. Characters were stupid and made unnecessary things like jerking off because of being scared or shitting diarrhea. Practical effects were good, minus the CGI ants.


Users: hsallinen & Cuomi

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